It’s a familiar trope shared by countless others— the pandemic triggered a shift for Founder/Designer Diane Williams. Amidst the uncertainty, her career as a Graphic Designer took a new turn. Fueled by inspiration and a desire for deeper meaning, Diane began creating designs that spoke to her soul. Themes of mental health, peace, fun, and universal love became her artistic compass.

May 2021 saw the birth of Lovelike LLC, a venture that unfolded not as a calculated move but as a fever dream. Nestled in her home studio, Lovelike designs take shape from initial sketches to digital creations, to printed material objects. The essence of Lovelike products lies in curated minimalism, with a commitment to environmentally conscious packaging and shipping practices.

At its heart, Lovelike is a vehicle for spreading messages rooted in positivity, love, and peace. This commitment finds tangible expression in the allocation of a portion of profits to organizations battling inequality, climate change, and the shadows cast by mental illness. In the year 2022, Lovelike proudly directed 10% of its profits to noteworthy organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Climate Solutions Inc, The Trevor Project, and The National Alliance on Mental Illness.